Company Cloud Survey

Different companies may have unique needs. We can make a survey of your processes, operations and tools and make an assessment how your organization can best benefit from cloud based solutions. 

Infrastrure as a Service

Large portions of enterprise IT infra can be virtualized and provided from cloud service provider like Amazon, Microsoft or Google. This means that the server hardware, firewalls and switches are located at the cloud server provider and they are provisioned from their virtual platforms. The customer will take care of any logical operations and maintenance like with in-house infra. However, the virtual platform gives many advantages to maintenance.

Automated Cloud solutions

One of the advantages of the cloud solutions is that you can very freely customize the resourcing based on your requirements and you can also use the services only as much as you really need. For example, we can have a powerful 32 CPU core server automatically started when a complex batch process is scheduled to happen. Maybe just for 30 minutes a day, if so needed. Other times, there could be just a small and cheap server taking care of the basic operations.  

There are countless of possibilities that can be utlized. 

Virtual Machines vs. Containers

What's the best platform for your application or service, a virtual machine, load balanced virtual machines or containers? Depends on the use case but we can help with all of these. 

Docker containers are a great way to host some back-end applications. The administration is more straightforward and powerful than with virtual machines and the containers are great to scale based on the load. 

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